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We’re always interested in learning more about cannabis and the health benefits it presents. We would like to share our learnings with you, our customers. Below are categories to a few of our favorite articles that we’ll update frequently. 

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Brands We’re Talking About

We are proud to carry these quality brands. Click on the logo to learn more about these companies and their offerings. You’re always welcome to come in and ask one of our team members any questions you may have about the products as well.

Fello creates quality products at accessible price points. These cultivators started in the caregiver market and are bringing their love for quality and clean cannabis to the recreational market. Inspire Burton is proud to be one of the few retailers in Michigan to carry this quality brand.

Kai Cannabis makes premium small batch flower. Known for their consistent quality and strain terpene profiles, Kai Cannabis is leading the charge for craft cannabis cultivation.

RedBud Roots has been a brand leader in the Michigan market for the last few years. Temple Grown by RedBud Roots takes that quality to the next level. Temple Grown flower is the first licensed flower in Michigan to be 100% certified organic. 

Fluresh flower has always been known for value. Carbon is focused on terpene profiles, trichomes and consistency. Every batch of Carbon flower is hand-trimmed, properly cured and grown in a controlled indoor environment to ensure quality is their primary focus.

Noble Road is paving the way for full spectrum edibles in the retail market. While most of their competitors focus on distillate and THC content alone, Noble Road is focused on the benefits provided by the full entourage of cannabinoids. 

Camino gummies by Kiva are vegan and gluten-free. They come in a variety of dosage ratios that make them perfect for a variety of uses. From sleep to stress relief, they have a ratio meant to give you the desired effect.

Chief Solventless is taking Hash Rosin to the next level. Hash Rosin is the purest form of cannabis concentrate. Terpene profiles are highlighted with hash rosin, because the process doesn’t include chemicals like other extraction processes. The natural extraction process ensures your high is from cannabinoids and not added chemicals.